WhAT IS “Not HERE 2 break even”?

Personal Development Training CoursesLife is a journey, an adventure.  And whether you realize it or not, you get to determine where the journey will take you.  Unfortunately, most people are satisfied to simply wander through life.  Since you have come to this website, I know that is not who you are.

The name “Not Here 2 Break Even” comes from the realization I had during an individual mentorship session where my own mentor, a very successful online business entrepreneur used these exact same words to ask me “Tell me one thing Luca: are you here (i.e. on this World) to break even? I am not and I don’t think you are either”.

I cannot start to tell you how much impacts these words have had on me and I guess that the words are different for everyone but all have the same effect: they make you (like these did with me) realize that we only get one shot at this life to make good things and to make things good! This is not a situation to escape from or desperate ourselves when things are not going as we like or to be afraid each day that something may hit us (i.e. bad health, job loss, death).

These words made me suddenly SEE that these possibilities can actually happen, they do and do all the time, so what sense does it make to live in fear and just survive through our days to contain the losses?

Most of us on this planet think that the best they can expect from life is a “safe journey” to the destination (i.e. the grave). I have realized that this is NOT my path and I want to show you that this must not be your path either.

“Not Here 2 Break Even” is a website dedicated to helping you take charge of your destiny by guiding you on your journey of personal and business development.

It is intended to help you explore the boundless opportunities available and in the process, tap into the amazing potential you possess.  It is for people who want something more, something different than the life they currently lead.

By providing you with the right strategies, tools, ideas and mindset, Not Here 2 Break Even will become your guide for this “awesome” journey on which you are about to embark.

Personal Development Training Courses

MY Mission

MY mission is to educate and motivate like-minded individuals
who have a desire to create their own digital lifestyle business,
which gives them the capability and freedom to run it on a laptop
from anywhere and to generate the income that can create the
financial rewards they want.

MY Vision

My vision is to enrich and empower the lives’ of others by introducing them to the benefits of the new digital economy
to make a positive change in their lives.

MY Values

At Not Here 2 Break Even, our core vision is to make online marketing success attainable for any person who has the burning desire to break
free of the traditional employer-employee business model (trading time for money) and wants to create a lifestyle they will love.
The only requirements are: a willingness to learn, a computer and internet connection and determination to succeed.

Personal Development Training Courses

We Are Leaders

We believe a leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible. We lead others to achieve their full potential and make a positive change in their lives.

Personal Development Training Courses

We Act With Integrity

We demonstrate a commitment to integrity and ethics. We show respect for and value all individuals. We listen to others’ experiences and ideas.

Personal Development Training Courses

We Deliver Value

We are willing to do whatever it takes to provide maximum value to our community. We are committed to delivering what we promise and adding value beyond what is expected.

Personal Development Training Courses

We Are Passionate

We are passionate about our business, our brand and helping others. We serve our students through high-quality products and services. We are passionate about promoting an optimistic outlook on life.

Here Is How

We Can Help You Live Your Dream Lifestyle

  • Personal Development Training Courses

    Develop the Real You

    By developing your mental, physical and spiritual health, you have the foundation for true happiness and success. As we help you realize the awesome potential you have and tap into it, you will be empowered to take on new challenges and grow.

  • Personal Development Training Courses

    Build Business Success

    Here’s where you will learn the skills and habits of successful digital entrepreneurs. By progressing through the online training options, you will be exposed to all facets of starting and growing an internet business.

  • Personal Development Training Courses

    Live Your Dream Lifestyle

    As you become the person you were meant to be, and as you build a successful business that you love, you begin to experience the ability to direct your own destiny and create a lifestyle most people only dream of.

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