My Personal ‘White-Bag’ Marketing Blueprint

If you think that it must take months and heaps of money to create a marketing blueprint that works you have probably never talked with anybody at SFM. No nonsense guidance is all you need to get to know how to create an effective blueprint that works for you, your business and your budget. Take a look at my own marketing blueprint, that I have created in less than 1 hour while I was receiving live input and feedback from world leading professionals and top SFM mentors. A Word of Caution: chances are that my blueprint will not make much sense to you, and how could it? It is my target market, my strategies and key value messages… written on an envelope! 🙂 But it does make sense to me and to my purpose of serving my audience. Whatever you do, use common sense and make sure that you get help and advice from professionals. SFM is the perfect place, organized, clean, to the point and with lots of love and offline resources. Most importantly it is a great Community: support, guidance and the motivation to help you and your business grow. This is a unique place. Sign Up below to the free 7 Days Video Series to learn how to create a digital business you love and about SFM. 7 days is how long it takes to change your life to an existence of happiness and satisfaction.

Side A - The Target Audience

Personal Development Training Courses
This is where I jotted down all the input and thoughts around narrowing down a focused and interested audience

Side B - The Value Proposition

Personal Development Training Courses
This is where I captured the fundamental message and value proposition that will help me bring tremendous value to my audience.