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Founder of NotHere2BreakEven

I have been a “corporate animal” all my life, and I have learned my fair share of lessons about leadership, successful people and influencing others.

My biggest ambition is to help people develop their leadership skills and be successful.

Fun fact about me? I still believe in Santa Claus!

My Approach

Personal Development Training CoursesI am a firm believer that the only way to be truly successful and fulfilled in life is to grow by helping others develop so that they can reach what they desire, dream and deserve.

So that they can, in turn, give back and help others succeed!

My Story

Believe it or not, what has brought me to the creation of this great 100% FREE Personal & Leadership Development site is… failure. In all the years that I have been working in the corporate world, I have seen many individuals (all good and committed people) who ended up ‘burnt’ (have heard the expression ‘Burn-Out’?) because they exasperated by ‘something’ that was missing in their job, or in their life, or like they were not trying hard enough to be their-true-self and reach success in their own terms.

Many people simply want More Money, straight.More Time for me and my family. More Independence.

Others dig a bit deeper in their feelings and find out that what they really want is not more money, but more Time for themselves and with their family. More Independence.

That is how I have seen many of them starting to work on creating their own ‘thing’ very early in the mornings, very late at night, during weekends and during holidays.

And yet, despite everything they did, there was no sign of the success they were anticipating for themselves.So I started the blame-game because it was so much easier to come up with excuses that somebody (or something) else was responsible for my results (or lack thereof).

I have seen many starting a blame-game because it was so much easier to come up with excuses that somebody (or something) else was responsible for their results (or lack thereof).

A few came to me spontaneously, I think it is because I have an innate ability to actively listen to people and inspire trust like I was their Mentor and the message I consistently heard was:

“I am fed-up with all this. I am doing everything I can, exactly as we talked about so many times, and yet I have less money than I had before, less time than I ever remember I have ever had for my family and for myself. And ZERO results. I quit and get back to what I was doing before… I want my life back!”

My straight answer to these people looking to unburden themselves and, I guess, looking for that ‘forgiveness’ coming from someone else has invariably been the following…

“Why do you think you deserve to be successful like the most successful people?”

“Because I am giving all of myself here and see nothing in return!” They answered.

And I continued…

“You have not earned the right to tell me that you are doing everything you can. If you want to achieve the results that the most successful Leaders achieve, you need to start doing what the most successful Leaders do! Every single day!”

…and then I went on… “I want to make a deal with you here. I will tell you exactly WHAT you need to do, every day, for the next 30 days.”

“IF then, you still feel you are not becoming a better Leader and closer to getting the results you think you deserve, we can talk again.”

A few shooked their shoulder and moved on, I guess because they wanted a second opinion from somebody who would tell them

Yes, you are right! It’s not your fault, it’s the Universe that must be plotting against you! Some people are simply gifted or helped by some higher power… but you and I are just normal and will never achieve that! You’d better get back to whatever you were doing before. Sure it may not be something you particularly like, but hey isn’t it paying your bills?

A few others, though, accepted my ‘offer’ and operated a change in perspective that allowed them to see through the typical short-sighted approach of all those who want everything ‘here and now’ without being willing to put in the necessary effort, time and commitment.

I am not saying that all of these people became millionaires! But I can proudly say that more than some, after years, thanked ME personally because I provided them with the message they needed to hear WHEN they needed to hear it.

And I am not saying that I am a prophet or a guru, only that I have had the ability (and the chance) to provide a factual support to people, right at the time they needed it, and in a way they could use it.

This made me reflect on that one of the things that stimulate me and makes me even more satisfied in life is to build a rapport with people who have the potential (and the motivation) to change and undertake new challenges.

I have therefore created this blog with the hope and spirit to be able to do the same for my readers. To inspire them and to give them wonderful resources that they can use day in and day out to become a better Leader and get to the successful results leaders achieve.

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Give yourself the chance to succeed because, quite frankly, this needs NOT be a lonely journey. You tried it before and it hasn’t worked. Let’s try together, with the best guidance, resources and inspiration from some of the most successful Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

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